My name is Christiano Sensi. I have written, directed and produced theatre plays, short films and commercials up to 2008, when I published my first novel following the first of a row of Brazilian state sponsorship prizes I won with my projects and productions. From then on, I made a move into literature and main stream filmmaking, became a scriptwriter as well as a busy executive producer. I have written and directed shorts, commercials and documentaries such as “Secular Beatuies”, a take on the art of sculpture, and produced movies such as the Brazilian action thriller “2 Rabbits”, the MMA local hit “Stronger than the World” and coordinated the local unit production for “Solace”, featured by Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrel.

I have always kept “the ball running” while chasing my dreams, and writing has been one of my passions, since I consider it to be the core of creative endeavor. But, given the slow pace of the Brazilian filmmaking market, out  pure impacience, I have recently started adapting my film projects and screenplays as books and decided to give them a showcase in the digital publishing marketing. This website is the result of that. Love for writing and no more patience.