writer & producer
Christiano Sensi


[title – media – producer/publisher | occupation]

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At present:

Untitled Book Project | writer; personal project

Tanares Adventures – tabletop game – Dragori Games | writer

Various Series and Film Projects – with partners from Ramalho Filmes | screenwriter

Main past work:


Stronger than the World – José Aldo’s Story – feature film – Paris Produções; Black Maria Filmes; Globo Filmes; Downtown; Universal Pictures | executive producer


Solace – feature film – Film Nation Entertainment; Eden Rock Media; Flynn Picture Company; New Line Cinema; Black Maria Filmes; Diamond Films; Relativity Media | executive producer for the SP-BR unit

Oranya – screenplay – CH Filmes | screenwriter; executive producer
Moscow Business Square 2015 Selection – Moscow International Film Festival; ProdAV 05 Development Selection – 2015 – Audiovisual Sectorial Fund

The Joe Junior Jazz Project – music clips – CH Filmes | screenwriter, director


Secular Beauties, Silent Observers – documentary – CH Filmes; Elo Company; Arte 1 Channel; Film & Arts; GoLive; AMC | screenwriter, director and producer

Verdejando Doc – documentary – CH Filmes, Mistura Fina, Rede Globo de Televisão | screenwriter and producer

The Gig – music clips – CH Filmes | screenwriter, director


2 Rabbits – feature film – Black Maria Filmes; Imagem Films; Telecine; Turner; Sony Crackle | executive producer, post-production supervisor, release producer

2 Rabbits’ Extras – making-of and themed clips – Black Maria Filmes; Telecine Channel | producer, executive producer, post-production supervisor


Isolation – fiction novel based on real facts – CH Editions | author
ProAC 2010 Prize for Book Publishing – Government of the State of SP

Literacine – literature dissemination through other arts project – CH Productions | Creator and Producer
ProAC 2010 Literature Dissemination Award – Government of the State of SP

Life in Balance – TV series – CH Filmes, Black Maria Filmes, HSM Brasil Channel, ManagemenTV | screenwriter, producer, director

English Class – short film – adaptation of Rubem Braga’s cronicles – CH Filmes | screenwriter, director, actor


Video Poetry; Photopoetry II; Photopoetry I – short films – CH Filmes | screenwriter, director, producer


The Poet, the Rose and a Thousand Letters – fiction novel based on real facts – Anna Blume Editora | author
ProAC 2008 Prize for Book Publishing – Government of the State of SP

Just for Today – theatre play – The Fournace Theater Group | author, producer, director
ProAC 2008 Prize for Theater Production – Government of the State of SP


Rodin’s Inferno – Dante perduxi Dalí, Blake et Rodin – multimedia project (Literature+Theatre+Video) – The Furnace Theatre Group | writer, producer and director

Midnight to Six – Photopoetry – light painting & haikai multimedia project (Literature+Photography) – CH Productions | writer; producer

Days of Anesthesia – theatre play – The Furnace Theater Group | co-author, producer, co-director
Selections: Aliança Francesa Theater, São Paulo Cultural Center, Festivals in Cubatão, Santos and other cities


The Plague – multimedia theater play – The Furnace Theater Group | author, producer, director, actor
Selections: João Caetano Theater; Viga Theater; Grande Otelo Cultural Center; 24h Non-stop Culture Event of São Paulo’s Mayor Office