Christiano Sensi

writer & producer
Christiano Sensi


I am a writer and producer mostly based in Brazil, and thanks to my wide range of interests (which has been both a blessing and a curse), I have been developing a career spanning from Literature to Theatre to Cinema, and, most recently, the Game industry. I’m an experienced translator as well.

At present I’m in a peculiar phase, transitioning from some personal closures to new professional beginnings, working in many new projects but all of them are in development, and I hope to populate these pages with news and materials from new productions based on these projects in the near future.

There is a complete bio in the Bio page. A timeline of jobs and productions is listed in Works, including the ones I’ve been working on at this moment, and a list with some of the selections and local prizes I was awarded along the years can be found here. I have a LinkedIn profile with graduations, an IMDB profile with main audiovisual productions I took part in (or I undertook myself as a producer), and a Vimeo portfolio with diverse audiovisual work.

Feel free to get in touch; all the links are in the Contacts page, and you can also sign the Subscription form to receive an email when some new project is about to see the light of day.