Christiano Sensi

writer & producer
Christiano Sensi


I am a writer and producer, most focused on creative writing (fiction). Thanks to my wide range of interests (which has been both a blessing and a curse), I’ve developed a career spanning from Literature to Cinema to Games. I also wrote and produced theatre plays in the past, and I’m an experienced translator.

At present, I’ve been working on a new fiction novel and developing series projects with production partners for the streaming market. I’ve been working for the game industry as well. I hope to populate these pages with news and materials from new productions based on these projects in the near future.

My extended professional history is on the Bio page. A timeline of jobs and productions is listed in Works, including the ones I’m working on at this moment, and a list with some of the selections and local prizes I was awarded over the years can be found here. I have a LinkedIn profile, an IMDB profile with main audiovisual productions I took part in (or I undertook myself as a producer/director), and a Vimeo portfolio with diverse audiovisual work. Finally, you can find a separate translation portfolio on this page.

If you want to get in touch, e-mail and profile links are on the Contacts page.