Christiano Sensi

About Me

I am a writer and producer based in São Paulo, Brazil, with a career spanning from Literature to Theater and Cinema, and, most recently, the Game industry. I’m an experienced translator as well. Although I have a long curriculum – I have published fiction books, produced a dozen seasons of my theatre plays, wrote screenplays (some were shot, while others are being considered for production), I would say my career so far has been a struggle between what I desire to do versus what I manage to accomplish, given the circumstances, local viability and market conditions. My diverse and wide range of interests have also been both a blessing and a curse.

Decades ago (and I mean it!), while graduating in both Theatre and Drama and Business Management from the Catholic University of São Paulo, I also acquired proficiency level in English Language from Cambridge University, UK. At that time, while I was making my first bucks with my writing, mostly in translation assignments from for Globo Livros / BBC Publishing, I had my first jobs as an actor and assistant producer in ads and films. And while I struggled to finish all my studies, I founded a theatre group and started writing, producing and directing my own plays. I wrote and produced a dozen seasons of those plays, some of them awarded state-sponsored prizes or picked in local public selections.

Although for years I had considered publishing a first book, I just did it in 2008, when my literature and film projects were simultaneously selected in highly competitive state-funded prizes, one of them aimed at helping writers to publish their first novels, another being focused in short film production. Subsequently, my writings and productions at the time would earn me an invitation from Black Maria Films, then a big Brazilian advertisement and content production company, to create, develop and manage a new Film And TV Department within the company. For the following five years, while I wrote and published my first two novels, I also worked on the company’s projects, writing, developing and producing films and TV series.

My most prominent works at that time were the release of my first two novels, “The Poet, the Rose and a Thousand Letters” (Anna Blume Editions, 2009) and “Isolation”(CH Editions, 2012), as well as internationally released movies such as “Two Rabbits” (Imagem Filmes; Telecine; Turner; Sony Crackle); “Bigger than The World – the Story of José Aldo” and the Brazilian unit for “Solace” (Eden Rock Media; New Line Cinema; Film Nation Entertainment; Diamond Films; Relativity Media – starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrel and Jeffrey Dean Morgan). As a producer and scriptwriter, I have attended / had texts selected / contributed to festivals and events in Los Angeles, Moscow, Toronto, Norrkoping, Sydney and many Brazilian cities. And I have worked and still work as a translator for many publishing houses as well. 

In 2015, I moved on to developing my own projects again, both in literature and for the film industry, and since then, I have been working as a freelance writer as well. Although I am very flexible in what regard to format and genre, my first two books were the projects I managed to raise funds to: both novels were based on actual events and huge research, picturing real characters and dramatic happenings amidst the immigration context in Brazil during the 1930s and 1940s, and demanded thorough, quality structuring work. The third story related to these books, which would be a novel, ended up being a screenplay, after I was awarded a national screenplay development prize in 2014 to develop the story for the screen. The project was also selected by the Moscow Business Square Co-production Forum and I ended up in the Moscow Film Festival to present it, and in St. Petersburg to do some location scouts.

Despite all of that, I feel at my best when I’m writing pure fiction. I love suspense, action and science fiction. I also enjoy fantasy a lot. I have been working on new projects and novels, and I hope some of them will see the light of day this year or the next…

Check out some of my work also at: IMDB | Vimeo

Awards and Selections of texts, projects and productions

Moscow International Film Festival 2014 – Moscow Business Square Co-production Forum Selection
Audiovisual Sectorial Fund 2014 Selection – Screenplay and Project Development
Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix 2013 – Best Special Effects
São Paulo Mayor Office 2011 Selection – Film Post-Production Co-Sponsorship
Prize of the Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo 2010 – New Fiction Book
Prize of the Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo 2010 – Project for Cultural Dissemination through Literature and Cinema
Prize of the Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo 2008 – New Fiction Book
Prize of the Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo 2008 – New Theatre Play Production
French Alliance Theater 2007 Season Choice
District Theaters 2007 Selection – Mayor Office of the Municipality of São Paulo
Selection for the 2007 Cultural 24H Gig- Mayor Office of the Municipality of São Paulo
2006 Season Selection – São Paulo Cultural Center
Itinerant Libraries Award – SESI-SP – 2006
Honourable Mention – Guarulhos Arts Hall 2006
Other selections for film festivals:
Brazilian Film Festival of Japan
VI Brazilian Film Festival in Toronto
14th Norrkoping Film Festival Flimmer
6th Cine-Música – Conservatory Film Festival
16th Brazilian Film Festival of Miami
IV Brazil Film Festival in Australia
Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival 2012