Welcome! I’m Christiano Sensi,

a freelance creative writer; I create fictional content for games, films and published fiction. Plots, characters, worlds, dialogue, mind maps, twine story strings, all that a fresh new story might demand.
I’m experienced in a variety of media and formats, from literary text to script writing to branched quest mapping, and I can work with most software and platforms available, or learn and adapt whenever necessary. I also have a wide background including the development of projects and productions in several media and arts, including film, theater, literary and more.

Scroll down to have a look at my latest work, and do get in touch if you want to check a sample writing portfolio. A timeline of published/produced works, as well as selections and prizes my work was awarded can be found on the Bio page, and considerations and tools regarding work methodology are on the Workflow section. Thank you for stopping by!