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Yes to the pen, no to the spreadsheet: prioritizing writing over production

Yes to the pen, no to the spreadsheet: prioritizing writing over production

I am about to start a new phase now, and this time I intend to be loyal to my original impulses – the creative ones. Therefore, I am finally prioritizing writing over producing. Following this same tendency, I also intend to prioritize reaching a potential audience over developing resources and structure; we could say that those are the means to accomplish the intention I stated on the previous sentence. Making it short and translating it to the material reality – I will be launching a new series of stories and books, on the Kindle Platform, on Amazon, along this year, starting very soon.

Another detail I would like to comment here in this blog is that I will also publish these texts both in Portuguese and English languages. It would be naïve not to do so, firstly and basically because the majority of Kindle and Amazon’s universe makes use of English language. Brazilians, as always, are years behind also in this arena – Portuguese speakers seem not to have reached the e-book “revolution” yet, and Brazil, specifically, not only hasn’t seen the development of a decent e-book market per se yet, but is now in a general retrograde movement in politics and social issues that will probably degenerate its already underdeveloped cultural production. So I will be writing in English and Brazilian Portuguese, the second as an experiment.

But what I am in fact excited about is the possibility of giving my writings a showcase and offer them straightly to potential readers; the chance to make a direct connection to them, providing an entertaining experience created with honesty and dedication.

If you are reading this… Maybe you are one of these potential readers, so please stay tuned, check out my publishing agenda here, bookmark my author page in Amazon, connect via social networks etc., and try out some of my writings. They are going to be individually cheap and I will be launching free promos as much as the platform allows. And if you like them, please spread the word!