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Christiano Sensi


At present, I have been working on new titles to be published on the Amazon’s Kindle and Wattpad platforms. Please check the AGENDA, it will be populated with expected release dates and links.

The Thanatoscopyst

Initially developed as a prelude to “Phaenomena”, The Thanatoscopyst’s stories introduced some of its characters, though having another protagonist. However, as the leading character, Felix Nähener, started to acquire a voice of his own, and his universe expanded almost autonomously, the stories soon took the form of a novel.

“Felix Nähener, Thanatoscopyst” portrays the first professional steps of young Felix Nähener. Felix would be a indisputably common teenager in a dull and predictable life, were it not for one single detail – he has received from his late father an unusual inheritance – a laboratory of forensic analysis and preparation of the dead , the traditional “Nähener Thanatoscopy Laboratory”, and he is going to become a professional thanatoscopyst to follow on with his deceased father’s work. It would still be OK, were it not for another detail. At the height of his teenage years, he discovers that his inheritance is more than a mere undertaking – and includes his own extrasensory abilities, which begin to surface amidst the universe of working with the corpses. Soon he realizes that each job will be an unexpected and unusual challenge – and that breaking the rules left by his father can bring dangerous and completely unforeseen consequences…

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Astonished, people everywhere watch the morning news, while the news presenter, alarmed, confirms the strange phenomenon that is being commented throughout the world: no one has died in the last 48 hours. Nobody knows it, but the one responsible for that is right there, among them… Invisible. Silent. Cunning…

He is silent, but he speaks to all. He is invisible, but he is always there. He is subtle, but each of his moves are fatal. He is the one who takes care of each one of us in that… Complicated moment. That unique transition. But now something improbable happened – he was seen. And this brings unpredictable consequences. He has to solve them… Otherwise it will be fatal for him too – the same way his moves are, for all of us.

Experience a new vision on the darkest character of all time, as he runs against time and tries to reverse the sinister wave of… Phaenomena.

“Phaenomena” is a thriller with horror & fantastic pinches. A very specific series of phenomena has happened to a very special character, taking the world to a kind of halt – people seem not to die any more. As the world starts to realize about it and the impending catastrophe that may fall upon everyone, the book follows the main character on a personal level, along with other seven people involved in the situation, as he faces several challenges in his quest to restore the flow of events to normal.

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Past released work

Other books I published were released just as traditional paperback limited editions, which were sold out. I have been studying the best way to re-release them soon and I have even already started work on one of them, but I have a conflict to solve first – these older novels belong to widely different genres to those above. In fact, their core composition is even more diverse – my first two novels were historical dramas based on real facts and huge historical research. I hope to be able to solve this issue in the near future.